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What do you have to do?

Fill in the consultation form (Click here) and the magic will begin.

You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire, once received a Cannabis Coach will call you.

The Cannabis Coach will be with you for the whole journey.

The Doctor at The Cannabis Clinic will then call you for any further information.

Once the Doctor has your dosage and best product decided on, the order will be placed (no middle man so costs are kept down).

No charge for renewal prescriptions if you continue to order from The Cannabis Clinic.

What is The Cannabis Clinic New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the Law has recently changed in regard to CBD and CBD products.

CBD was an illegal substance but now, it is a prescribed medicine.

“The Cannabis Clinic is one of New Zealand’s first specialist Medicinal Cannabis clinics providing consultations, support, training and advice to all New Zealanders.” (Quoted from their website)

It was founded by two friends in Auckland, one a Doctor and one a Natural Health and Marketing enthusiast.

The Cannabis Clinic has a Medicinal Doctor (Dr Sam) that you can have a consultation with.

They also have Doctor Support, where you can get the information your GP would need to correctly prescribe you CBD.

What does the Cannabis Clinic NZ offer you?

Book: You can book online for a consultation with Dr Sam, he is the Medicinal Cannabis Consultant.

Consultation: Attend your consultation with Dr Sam. Here you will find out if Medicinal Cannabis or CBD is right for you.

The greatest thing is, you can also do your consultation online. How amazing is that!

Product: You can collect your product either from a pharmacy or by post.

Follow up: The Cannabis Clinic will follow up and monitor you regularly.

Information for YOUR Doctor

The Cannabis Clinic also offers support to your own GP (as you may prefer to use your own GP).

They have a CBD Prescription Pack available for YOU to purchase for only $29.99.

This pack is Customised with your details.

It is to support your Doctor in prescribing you the correct CBD product that is suitable for you.

It also has information on costs and products available in NZ.

The Prescription Pack will provide your Doctor with all the information they need to write your prescription.

(Click the Picture to be taken to the Link to get your Customised CBD Info Pack for your GP  )

Cost of Consultations

A consultation with The Cannabis Clinic will cost $190, this is for 30-35 minutes with Dr Sam.

Approximate cost of prescriptions

The Cannabis Clinic estimate the cost of monthly prescriptions to be between $60 to $360, this is dependent on the dosage you require and the brand of CBD Oil used.

Great Articles

On The Cannabis Clinic Website, there are articles that I am sure you will enjoy reading but also learn from as they have all the information you need.

My 4 Top Picks

Here are my top picks from the articles available:

Tilray CBD Cost in NZ – How to Save 50% on Your Next CBD Prescription  This article is particularly good as it has the processes in it for direct ordering of CBD through your Doctor.

Doctor, CBD Oil is safer than Paracetamol

Top Tips to help Chronic Pain – Our Top 5

CBD 101 – What can be used for, the evidence and how to obtain safely and use

What makes The Cannabis Clinic Special

For me, as an advocate of CBD, being able to have a consultation with a Doctor that specialises in Medicinal Cannabis and CBD is something very special.

Like many other New Zealanders, I have been looking for relief of certain symptoms, and have done hours and hours of research on CBD.  I know CBD will work for me.

Finding The Cannabis Clinic has made me so excited.

With the new Law change in NZ,  it had got me busy thinking about how I would approach my Doctor to tell him I wanted to try CBD and whether he would prescribe it or not.

Can you feel my relief?

Imagine how you could feel after getting in touch with The Cannabis Clinic and Doctor Sam.

They also state on their website, why they are a great option for you, I especially love the Encompassing Care.


Save money on your CBD oil. We order direct from the supplier and save you a pharmacy markup. This helps you save at least 30% on the price of Tilray.


We understand the frustration of being “part of the system”. It is hard to find someone willing to listen.


We work to treat you as a person as we appreciate every aspect of your life and being makes up who you are.

Benefits of CBD and your ECS (Endocannabinoid System)

As of yet, there have not been enough clinical trials to give us enough scientific results to rely on about CBD.

However, it is a naturally occurring molecule in our bodies and CBD oil is also natural.  So the two should work fine together (and they do).

There has been scientific research on the ECS and CBD, and there is a definite magical link between the two.

In fact, without CBD in the body, the ECS has a hard time being successful in its job to maintain Homeostasis.  Read more

This is a quote from The Cannabis Clinic “In a recent survey of 2400 users, the top conditions people used CBD for were: anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, depression, muscle tension, migraines and chronic pain”.

So even though we may not have the outcomes we would like from research on CBD yet, we do have thousands of people around the world already using it and providing reviews on what it does for them (and their dogs).

The Cannabis Clinic is one of the leaders in Medicinal Medicine.

They are Pioneers in New Zealand as they are one of the first specialist Medicinal Cannabis clinics that provide people with the ability to get medical advice and be prescribed CBD.

The Cannabis Clinic is relieving people from ailments they have lived with for years.

I believe it is our Human Right to have access to CBD Products.


Thank you for reading this review, I am sure there are going to be a lot of people that will benefit from learning about The Cannabis Clinic New Zealand and what it can do for you.

I am a big believer in the philosophy behind the team at the clinic and I quote “Both (the two founders of The Cannabis Clinic) are big believers in the power of nature to heal”.

What do you suffer from?

Could CBD help you?

Are you sick of side effects from prescribed medications you are currently on?

Email us here at Living Natural and Saving Nature we are happy to help you any way we can.

If you have any questions, or comments or have a story of your own to share about CBD for you, we would love to hear from you below.


Kind Wishes

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