Best Himalayan Salt Lamps (Fair to Trade)

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Best Himalayan Salt Lamps

When you are buying Himalayan Salt Products, do you ever consider who was paid to make them, and were they paid fairly?

I think we all need to be conscious of this as there are many people in the world still being underpaid for the work that they do.

What if you could buy Himalayan Salt Products that you know are the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps are Fair to Trade and their manufacturing is sustainable?

Benefits of Himalayan Salt

Photo Courtesy of So Well

Himalayan Salt is amazing and has many benefits for you, your family and your home.

It is over 200 years old and is created over millions of years in a similar way to coal turning into a diamond.

It contains 84 minerals in an ionic form which is why it is so different from sea salt.

Our bodies can absorb and use Himalayan salt more easily than sea salt.



Healthy Living Home Health

You can have fresher, cleaner air in your home by using a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Salt is used to clean energies from you, your home and family, it can also help us remain balanced.

If you like to use Feng Shui in your home, a Himalayan Salt helps get rid of negative energy and enhance Feng Shui.

Himalayan salt is very similar to any other crystal as it has a very high energetic quality.

You can also use Himalayan Salts to help with breathing and sinus problems.

Handmade Pure Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Himalayan Salt Inhaler Refill

So Well has breathing therapy and respiratory health tools to use with Fair to Trade Himalayan Salts.

Negative Ions Health Benefits

What Is An Ion?

An Atom or Molecule that has gained or lost an electron.

An example is in the air, there are positive and negative ions.

Positive ions in the air are molecules of carbon dioxide that have lost an electron and a Negative Ion in the air is a molecule of Oxygen that has gained an electron.

We want lots of Negative Ions around us as they attract pollution particles and hit them with a negative charge that gets rid of them.

Ions need an Energy Source to be produced.

One energy source that can be used is heat (like a light bulb).

Himalayan Salt Lamps are “hygroscopic” which means they attract moisture (airborne water molecules), without a heat source they do no produce Negative Ions.

However, putting a 15w light bulb in as a heat source means your Salt Lamp is now producing Negative Ions.

The researchers reported that neg-ions without any other treatment (that is, no drugs) seemed to cure attacks of asthma and bronchitis more quickly than drugs, antibiotics included… children treated with neg-ions were less prone to ‘rebound attacks’ (relapses)

… the scientific report said that the tests ‘demonstrated that atmospheric ions have an effect on infants, especially those suffering from asthmatic bronchitis.

Less scientifically, they found that the babies didn’t cry as often and as loudly as they did in normal air.”  The Ion Effect, by Fred Soyka, p. 57, 1991.

Nature is constantly producing negative ions to combat pollution in the air.

Have you ever noticed how fresh the air seems after a lightning storm?

I have, and that is because lightening produces a high concentration of negative ions (purifying the air).

Walking along the beach is a great way to surround yourself with Negative Ions, as there is an enormous amount that is created by the rise and fall of the tide.

Electromagnetic Radiation

Have you heard about EMF’s?

EMF is short for Electromagnetic Radiation. (Sounds really bad for us!)

Where does it come from?

Wi-Fe, Cell Phones, TVs, and other electrical appliances give off high amounts of Positive Ions.

Too many Postive Ions around you can actually affect your serotonin levels, cause fatigue, cancer and many other health-related problems of this Electronic Age.

To neutralize these Positive Ions, you will need a Himalayan Salt Lamp near your computer, TV, Modem and next to your bed to begin with.

Then put them anywhere else you think you would need it most in your home (I say, have them everywhere).

Healthy Living Large Himalayan Salt Lamp Set + Free MINI USB Lamp

How to Decrease Stress

Decreasing Stress is all up to you.

A healthy diet, a good nights sleep and getting some exercise are all ways to decrease stress.

Recently, Colour Therapy (Chromotherapy) has been getting used more often by Physicians as a complementary alternative for treating various illnesses.

Salt therapy products at So Well

Countless Ayurvedic and Energy medical professionals have found colour therapy to be useful in positively influencing our mood, mental state, and energy level” So Well.

Himalayan Salts Lamps create a beautiful light that is soothing and relaxing and can help balance your internal energies.


After a long day, sitting down next to your Lamp with your cup of tea will allow you Lamp to attract the Positive Ions from you while you enjoy receiving the Negative Ions your Lamp is providing you, and decreasing your Stress Levels.

Imagine decreasing your stress with a massage using some Fairtrade Himalayan salt massage stones by So Well

So Well Salt Lamps

So Well have One of a Kind Salt Lamps, they are The Best Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Experience one-of-a-kind Himalayan crystal salt lamps handmade from ancient salt crystal by skilled Artisan Artists from Pakistan“. So Well Website.

So Well Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps are hand-carved from blocks of pure rock crystal excavated from the Himalayan Mountains.

Each lamp has its own unique shape and colour.

Colours range from Apricot to Dark Orange.

You will find it hard to find white or grey but So well has a special range of Pearl White and Smokey Grey Lamps too.

So Well Gray Salt Light

There are several factors that set So Well apart from the other brands:

  • So Well is one of the only salt lamp retailers dedicated to fair trade and sustainability.
  • So Well offers superior quality lamps, including grey and white raw salt lamps, which are hard to find online.

Himalayan Kitchen

So Well Gourmet Salt with Grinder

Highest quality, mineral-rich, Pink Himalayan sea salt



Organic Himalayan Bath Salts by So Well


Organic Himalayan salt bath soaks by So Well

Soothing Himalayan salt Balms and Salves by So Well


Organic Skin Care

Detoxing Clay Mask & Scrub Set








Shop So Well’s award-winning organic skincare line

Organic Collagen Boosting Serum with Echinacea stem cells and Hyaluronic acid


Enjoy Himalayan Salts

So Well has a lovely range of the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps and Products.

I chose to share So Well with you as I support the fact their Products are Fair To Trade and are sustainable.

Learn why it’s important to buy Fair Trade

There is no other company I have found selling the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps and Products that can guarantee this to me.

I hope you enjoy their products also.

I know even when my husband saw the “Pink” Salt for the first time, he was not impressed.

He got over it as it tastes better than Iodine Salt anyway.

I also don’t cringe as much when I see how much he puts on his food, with 84 minerals in it, you don’t feel so bad about the salt intake.

If you have any comments we would love to hear from you below.

Enjoy getting healthier and breathing purified air with your Himalayan Salts.

Kind Wishes

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  1. Thank you for this extremely formative post Daisy.
    I was just yesterday looking to purchase a salt lamp but for some reason there was something telling me to wait……. I think I now know why.

    • Hi Linda
      Lovely to hear from you here at Living Natural and Saving Nature.
      Salt Lamps definitely have lots of benefits to you and your home, it is great to hear that you are getting one.

    • Hi Vicki
      I don’t think there is an option for NZD sorry
      Thank you for visiting and it is great you have an interest in having some Himalayan Salt in your home.

  2. Hi Daisy,

    Great informative post.

    About our bodies being able to absorb and use Himalayan salt more easily than sea salt.

    My recent experience has been, I have been using Himalayan salt for a good year or two exclusively and recently I bought Sea salt because of my budget and boy did I notice the difference on my body.

    It seems when doing the sea salt my body felt bloated, I would relate that to my body not being able to absorb or use the salt, or maybe I used more just to get the taste effect. It could of just been a brand thing to.

    I quickly went back to Himalayan. I love it, I think it has better flavor and of course it is my fav color. 🙂

    Question: Do you have any idea why my Salt lamp is oozing salt. It is like my lamp is melting like a candle. Is this normal?

    • Hi Cindy
      That is so great to hear.
      I also noticed a huge difference when we changed to Pink Himalayan Salt.
      The crying is normal. This usually happens if it hasn’t been on for a while.
      The great thing about Himalayan Salt is, the melted salt has even more ions in it, so when you turn it on you still get the benefits.
      It’s the heating of the crystals that keeps them from crying.
      I do hope this helps
      Thank you so much for visiting

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