About Daisy

Welcome to Living Natural and Saving Nature.

My name is Daisy and I am the author for this site.

Our site is dedicated to providing you with information that is vital to your health.


We promote natural products, organic products, vegan products, reusable products, sustainable products and want to see the world considering their impact on the Earth.

Humans are controlling the Weather –Climate Change.  We need to act now and fast.

The effect of Pollution on our Oceans and our Animals is devastating.

Special Animals like Honey Bees and Monarchs and many more around the world are declining in numbers and I want you and I to be a part of stopping this from happening.

People often think some problems are too big to overcome on their own, but if we all do what we can, little by little I believe we can make a difference.

I hope you enjoy our site and benefit from the articles and products that we bring to you.

Here’s to sharing knowledge as far and wide as we possibly can.

I wish you all peace, happiness and good health.

All the best,


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