Endocannabinoids and CBD

UNDERSTANDING THE ENDOCANNABINOID SYSTEM (ECS) and CBD The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is vital to our bodies and our functions, and CBD can assist the ECS to perform better.  Read More. In this article, I will introduce the ECS and its components, and the history of its discovery. I will then share with you, how CBD … Read moreEndocannabinoids and CBD

10 Facts about Monarch Butterflies

  Welcome Back 10 Fact about Monarch Butterflies that I bet you didn’t know. Sadly, the Monarch Butterfly is in trouble and could be extinct very soon. If we continue to cause climate change and destroy their foraging areas, the Monarch Butterfly will become extinct. I have been working on increasing their numbers in my own … Read more10 Facts about Monarch Butterflies