Raw Manuka Honey The Benefits

In 1981, it was discovered that Raw Manuka Honey contains much higher levels of enzymes than normal honey. These researchers at Waikato University also discovered that these enzymes produce a natural hydrogen peroxide (HPA) that acts as a very strong antimicrobial, most honey does have levels of HPA but Raw Manuka Honey is far more … Read moreRaw Manuka Honey The Benefits

Book Review – Practical Beekeeping In New Zealand 5th Edition

My Review of Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand 5th Edition. This book is our Beekeeping Bible. It is a fantastic book, for more than 25 years it has catered to all levels of Beekeeping and includes everything you need to know in your Beekeeping Journey. This book is essential to any New Zealand Beekeeper, and … Read moreBook Review – Practical Beekeeping In New Zealand 5th Edition

10 Facts about Monarch Butterflies

  Welcome Back Another passion of mine is Monarch Butterflies. I have been working on increasing their numbers in my own back yard for the last three years. Sadly, the Monarch Butterfly is in trouble and could be extinct very soon. If we continue to cause climate change and destroy their foraging areas, the Monarch … Read more10 Facts about Monarch Butterflies

Beehive Frames Review – Which is best, Plastic Or Wood?

Welcome This is a new feature of our website Product Reviews. Here we are going to purchase, use and review products, to help you find the best product for you. This Review is about Beehive Frames, and whether it is best to use Wooden Frames or Plastic Frames. Wooden Frames Product: Mann Lake WW906 10-Pack … Read moreBeehive Frames Review – Which is best, Plastic Or Wood?

Glyphosate and Honey Bees

There have been dramatic drops in insect numbers worldwide, with the major concern being the decline in the numbers of pollinators i.e honey bees. Some are calling this a “catastrophic collapse of natures ecosystems” and scientists in Britain have said it “highlights a fundamental deterioration in nature”. Bees pollinate 3/4 of all food crops, they … Read moreGlyphosate and Honey Bees

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